How to Crack IBPS Clerk 2022 Tips and Tricks to prepare for the exam

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The IBPS Clerk test is not easy to pass since a large number of applicants compete for a limited number of positions. IBPS Clerk Prelims 2022 will be held on August 28, September 03, and 4, 2022, and will be administered by the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). Candidates must design a workable exam plan to achieve their goals in these examinations. Read the article to know about How to Crack IBPS Clerk 2022 Tips and Tricks to prepare for the exam.

How to Crack IBPS Clerk 2022

IBPS will hold the IBPS Clerk test for 2018 to fill 6035 positions. Because the IBPS Clerk test is one of the most competitive examinations in the country and is also one of the most challenging exams to pass, distinguishing yourself from the other candidates via the use of a practical study approach is of the utmost importance. Because of this, the path to achievement will be less complicated and more exciting.

Sections Number of Questions Maximum Marks Sectional Duration
English Language 30 30 20 minutes
Numerical Ability 35 35 20 minutes
Reasoning Ability 35 35 20 minutes
Total 100 questions 100 marks 60 minutes

Since the IBPS Clerk Preliminary examination will most likely take place in August 2022, we will first go through the preparation plan for the IBPS Clerk prelims, and then we will go on to the preparation strategy for the IBPS Clerk Mains test. Before beginning your preparation for the IBPS Clerk exam, you should first familiarise yourself with the exam pattern.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for the IBPS exam

General/Financial Awareness

This part of the test does not call for any specific tactics or strategies, making it one of the more specific areas to get points.

Candidates need to demonstrate that they have a comprehensive understanding of all the general, banking, and economic events that are taking on in the nation and the rest of the globe.

It is sufficient to complete this portion if you read a newspaper daily and keep up with current events by watching television or using social media.

While preparing for this subject, it is essential to emphasize the knowledge and abbreviations about banking and insurance.

Computer Aptitude

Compared to the previous part, this one is simpler, and it tests your understanding of computer hardware and software.

The most important subjects are computer fundamentals, fundamental internet knowledge and protocols, operating system functions, network fundamentals, and Microsoft Office fundamentals.

A good tactic for navigating this area is to familiarise oneself with all of the keyboard shortcuts and abbreviations.

IBPS Clerk General Preparation Tips

  • Candidates interested in taking the IBPS Clerk exam are required to keep themselves informed on the official announcements issued in connection with the examination.
  • They must have a thorough understanding of the eligibility requirements, test format, and curriculum before submitting an application for the exam and beginning their preparations.
  • For the IBPS Clerk test, purchasing the recommended books is in your best interest since doing so will help you prepare more effectively in a shorter amount of time.
  • It is of the highest significance that the candidates make the most of their time by improving their preparation and increasing the amount of practice they get rather than going over everything once or twice.
  • To gauge their readiness for the examinations, they must sign up for various practice exams and sample papers accessible online.
  • To get acquainted with the question pattern, they need to acquire all of the sample papers and papers from past years that are now accessible on the market.
  • They need to be aware that the more they prepare, the greater the likelihood that there may be questions very similar to those on the actual test. Even if the question is not precisely the same, there is still a reasonable probability that the pattern is one you have seen before.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • To make the most efficient use of their time, candidates should have a solid understanding of the multiplication tables, squares, and cubes for the first thirty natural numbers. In addition, there will be a variety of other questions focused on themes such as profit and loss, time and speed, time and work, simple and compound interest, measurement, and other similar issues.
  • It won’t take much work to get the answers to these varied questions; however, you shouldn’t neglect to drill yourself into the material covered here.
  • There will be problems using Data Interpretation (DI) such as tables, pie charts, bar graphs, and caselets, among other possible formats. After seeing the table or graph, there will be 4-5 questions depending on the data presented to you. The applicant will improve their chances of receiving a high score in this part by working through a more significant number of sample questions.
  • Candidates need to remember that they will only have a certain amount of time to complete the test; hence, they should avoid using conventional strategies to answer fundamental problems and instead look for shortcuts or other creative solutions.
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